So What’s This FIscovery Thing?

Hi, and thanks for stopping by FIscovery! As I found myself bouncing from blog to blog checking for new posts (or having my inbox inundated with daily updates), I simply just wanted a macro view of all the sites, categorized by site, with latest and recent post links that I can easily scan and then click through to the payload. Unable to find exactly what I wanted, I decided to have a go at it, and although far from revolutionary, voilà, a blog post link portal was born. As I look at most of what I read and learn about financial independence as a discovery, a mashup of sorts and you get FIscovery.

The folks behind many of these blogs are truly inspirational and have shared and continue to share their FI journey – many a pioneer in the FI space. They have demonstrated that financial independence is real and attainable but requires fiscal and behavioral discipline. I strongly encourage getting lost in each and every site.

If your site is listed and you want it to be removed, please send me an email and I will remove it immediately. Never my intention at all to ruffle feathers. On the flip side, if you have a blog that you would like added or want to simply recommend a blog, would love to hear from you as well.

I am not really sure how my FI journey is going to unfold, or if I will every truly attain FI, and I wish all those on their own journey the best of luck, but at a minimum, I will continue with my financial independence discovery, or what I will refer to from this point on as FIscovery.

So if you too want an easy way to see, read, and share the latest and recent posts from the FIsites included, whether from a desktop, laptop, mobile device, stop by often and FIscover at

Best –